Steps to Analyze & Extract Evidence from Digital Data

Getting Acquainted With LNK File Structure

LNK is a file extension used for a shortcut file that points to an executable file. It stands for LiNK file and acts as a direct link

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Deep Insight Into iOS Forensic Analysis

With the emergence of Android, things have completely changed. No one will be up there without android systems. It has brought significant impact on Smartphone marketing and

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How to View .MSG Files Without Outlook

MSG files contain complete email messages of a particular email client. These files are denoted with the extension .msg. They are used in a number of email-management

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Unveiling Of Cyber Crime Evidence With WeChat Forensics Analysis

WeChat is a text and voice messaging service developed in China. The application can be used both on smartphones such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry as

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Analyze OST File – Obtaining Evidentiary Messages from Orphan Replica

There is a variety of email programs available presently that includes Microsoft Outlook, which counts as the most common. The application not only comes from a renowned

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Google Chrome Forensic Analysis: An Ultimate Path For Evidence Collection

It is a common and well known fact that the number of web users has increased nowadays. People spends their whole day infront of the computer and

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Apple Mail MBOX Format – Forensic Requirements Explored

Apple mail is a default email reader provided with Mac OS X, which is also known as the The application is an email reader because it

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