Established with concentration towards providing services for the forensics industry, Acquire Forensics is capturing the market quickly with its firm determination. Products and services lined up by the developers of Acquire Forensics are built with, pre-investigation techniques and algorithms for analyzing data.

Core Evidence Carving With Focused Objectives

Acquire Forensics is keen sighted in facilitating businesses, government sectors, & law enforcements, a safe way to overcome from the consequences of cyber-criminal activities. Therefore, the team of Acquire Forensics primarily focuses on data safety and confidentiality of user throughout every investigation process that it undertakes.

Acquire Forensics Services

Our Digital Forensics investigation service covers each aspects of forensics examination from the capture, preservation, and analysis of data, to the presentation of reports. We extensively work with the police, banks, legal profession, public and private sector bodies, etc. We provide our services mainly in below domains as mentioned:

  1. Computer Forensics
  2. Mobile Forensics
  3. Email Forensics
  4. Cloud Forensics
  5. Database Forensics
  6. Multimedia Forensics

Acquire Forensics Solutions

Solutions serviced here, are developed, as well as marketed directly from the firm to the client, without any third party involvement. A range of Freeware applications for database, system log, and other electronically stored information analysis, are amongst the list of software programs serviced by us. Our software help in analyzing various suspected problems within no time.

Our Goals & Vision

The goal is to progress more innovatively and develop new technologies offering large-scale improvement in the digital forensics software arena. The team has decided upon resolutely focusing on the implementation of efforts on the solutions that have not been introduced in the market yet. By gradually becoming a pioneer of the forensic solutions & services providing industry, we have made a commitment towards making the cyberspace, a safer place to browse through.

Our Prestigious Clients