Steps to Analyze & Extract Evidence from Digital Data

What is Aol PFC File Extension – An Introduction

AOL PFC or Personal Filing Cabinet is a filing system in AOL desktop software that enables the users to store and organize the mails locally in the

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A Brief Illustration Of BKF File Format

Windows backup BKF files are primarily associated with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 by Microsoft Corporation. BKF files are also associated with Moto Racer

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How To Remove Sqlite Database is Locked Error Code 5

At times while performing transactions in Sqlite database, the users might encounter error where the database gets locked and the following error occurs: “Error Code 5 Database

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Parsing Zimbra ZDB File for Evidence Acquisition

Zimbra is a free and open source desktop-based email client developed by Zimbra Inc. and released in the year 2005. In addition to this, it also has

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Learn How to Open Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb Files: With & Without Environ

Microsoft Exchange Server offers a unified communication platform to the users working within the same network. The connectivity is availed both privately and professionally, however, the usage

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Mozilla Firefox Cache Folder Analysis

All the web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox make use of web caching technologies in order to save documents such as HTML files and

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A Prominent PST Probe Tool To Recover Deleted Data From PST File!

Investigators usually cease hard disks for investigations where they can find several files of different formats for examinations. As emails are considered a foolproof source of evidence

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