Digital Forensic Investigation Services

Acquire Forensics provides services, guidance for proficient methods of acquiring, preserving and forensic analysis of evidence to present in a comprehensive report.


Acquire Forensics is keen sighted in facilitating businesses, government sectors, & law enforcements, a safe way to overcome from the consequences of cyber-criminal activities. Therefore, the team of Acquire Forensics primarily focuses on data safety and confidentiality of user throughout every investigation process that it undertakes.

As the distended internet, penetration has given a rise in the attacks on the infrastructure of Information Technology (IT). Attackers are having the usage over the sensitive information like details financial information. Attacks on Smartphone are keep on growing in several folds. In a way to mark our IT infrastructure resilient against all these Cyber threats.

There is a need for cutting-edge for the Research and Development efforts in Cyber Forensics. Therefore, we provide widespread services. We have our team of specialists to handle all the Cyber Forensics Services as well as Trainings effectually.

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