Digital Forensics Investigations

Acquiring, Recovering, Analyzing and Reporting





Domains of Digital Forensics

We deliver with solid case having relevant data from the computing devices and servers combined with easy to read reports

computer forensic

Computer Forensics

Using Core forensics process to make sure court admissibility of evidence

Email Forensics

Email Forensics

Versatile and Expert solutions to deal with emails analysis

Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics

Providing an in-depth look into the mobile devices to get evidences

Database Forensics

Database Forensics

Investigate transactions and accomplish recovery of database

Cloud Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Analyzing from the backup to get evidences for any suspected activity

Mobile Forensics

Multimedia Forensics

Image and Video enhancement from CCTV Evidences to support law enforcements

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Our Goals & Vision

Our main goal is to progress more innovatively and develop new technologies offering large-scale improvement in the digital forensics arena. The team has decided upon resolutely focusing on the implementation of efforts on the services and solutions. By gradually becoming a pioneer of the forensic solution providing industry, we have made a commitment towards making the cyberspace, a safer place to browse through.


Why Us

We are established market leaders in the field of data forensics and digital investigation. Acquire Forensics has served a wide range of result oriented digital analysis techniques and solutions. A number of our experts have been acknowledged by one of the notable law enforcement agency as authorized Expert Witnesses whose opinion will be considered admissible in the court of law during eDiscovery litigations. Being experts at handling a variety of data types and its variants, makes Acquire Forensics the right authority to handover your essential data to.

Acquire Forensics has ever since been stimulating progress in the division of digital forensics by promoting and serving, innovative eDiscovery products and solutions.

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What Our Clients Say?

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“The analysis was extremely thorough and well presented by them. The best part was that I could completely trust their team for expertise. I highly recommend your company for such service.”

Ayden Wales, Texas

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“AcquireForensics has provided us with invaluable assistance in dealing with the complex email investigation. The response to our request for expert advice was discrete and swift. The complete report given to us in accessible and readable format.

Samantha Blake, California