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Databases are the basic source of electronic evidence. Regardless of the Database size used, Acquire Forensics provides a complete service to carve the evidence. Whether it is suspect tampering, deletion of data, corrupt database recovery, etc., our database experts can easily analyze all your requirements, design, extraction, etc. to get an evidence. We even provide the service for Ransomware affected database.

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database forensic services

Database Analysis

Being a repository of the data, whole data can be preserved in reliable manner. However, with the growing rate of cybercrime, database comes into the main target of various cyber criminals. As a result, there rises a requirement to execute analysis of database forensics to extract vital data and several attributes. Acquire Forensics has come with the most trustworthy approach to simply analyze the sensitive data from all kinds of the database. Database Forensics is divided into two categories:

MS SQL Server

  • Record Deletion Recovery: We recover all the SQL deleted data in exact form. It helps to find out all the evidence to resolve the case. As many times, the culprit deletes the data in a way to save himself or herself. Therefore, we find out all the traces by recovering the data.
  • Repair Corrupted Database: Many times corruption of SQL database creates a hurdle in performing Database forensics. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to repair corrupt SQL database in a sufficient manner to carve the evidence from database.
  • SQL Log Analyzer: We analyze all the modification done in the database when the incident takes place. By using our proficient software, we help you to get the evidence by analyzing the SQL Log file.
  • SQL Password Recovery: If your SQL data file is password protected. Then, we can reset or remove SQL file password to easily open the password-protected database. We can easily reset empty or known password from SQL file.

SQLite Database

SQLite database serves to be one of the most efficient platform for the usage as an application file format. Therefore, we help you to find all the traces that took place while crime took place. We will recover all the SQLite database files whether it is corrupted or damaged. We repair that data file and help you to find an evidence.

Challenges of Database Forensics

The database contains the various information, which is important while doing the investigation. However, there are several challenges that take place while investigating the database.

updated and modified records

Updated and Modified Records

SQL Server Transaction is one of the most crucial components of every SQL Server database. It helps to maintain the transactions and record any or all changes in database made by each transaction. However, in case of system failure the transaction log might get damaged. This creates a big challenge for an investigator that how to recover the damaged transactional log in a way to get all the evidence of modified and updated entries in the records.

rsecords deletion

Records Deletion

Occasionally users have abundant of databases in their SQL Server. However, while handling their database sometimes by their records are deleted that creates a big challenge for an investigator to examine the record deletion. As the biggest challenge is when you do not know the data as well as time when the data was erased.

corruption of database

Corruption of Database

MS SQL Server database is one of the advance relational database management systems that are generally used by organizations and professionals. Its enhanced user-interface and features of the MS SQL Server sorts it a beneficial database application for large amount of data management. Though, the effectiveness of this application, the database created by it are prone to corruption of data that results in data inaccessibility.

Process of Database Forensics

  • Evaluation : The stage of evaluation covers up the stage examining over the version of database, extension of database, size, as well as storage of database. Once we know all these details then, only we can move to another step to carve out the evidence from it.
  • Acquisition : Once we get the complete details of the database. Then, we create complete hard disk image copy of the database to find the related database.
  • Analysis and Recovery:After creating the image copy, we will export the relevant file from the image file. If there is any database file that is corrupted then, we will recover and repair the corrupted as well as damaged database file.
  • Being a fact, transactions are extremely vital for the corresponding database, because if needed they can be used for recreating the entire database in case of catastrophic conditions. Reading transaction logs is not that easy without the involvement of an external application as SQL Server is not in a practice of storing this particular set of information in a human readable form. However, it is not completely impossible to do so, as there are undocumented functions such as; fn_dblog() and more that enables a user to read transactions from a log file.
  • Although there is a way to read transactions of a log file by using undocumented functions mentioned above, but the implementation is way too lengthy to be applied every time a log file needs to be analyzed especially when it’s a matter of a few transactions executed on the DB. In addition, the function only enables access to the transaction log but does not decode it for the users therefore; usage of a commercial tool becomes necessary for examining the transactions or rebuilding database out of it, if needed.
  • Report: After doing the complete investigation and getting the relevant evidence from it. We provide you with the complete report, which is written in plain English. As we understand the concern of our users more than anything else. Reports make easy for the one to understand what we did and what we get as a result out of it.

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody is the Chronical Documentation for the indication in the specific case. It is significant with the data as there are probabilities of fake modification, creation, or deletion of data. In the Database Forensics, you require the widespread chain of custody report in manner to show the physical custody of an evidence and spectacle all the parties, which are used to say it as proof at any specified time. Acquire Forensics gives chain of custody reports for all the Database Forensic cases, and we recommend that keeping all these documents for any type of legal proceedings.

Acquire Forensics provides chain of custody reports for all the Computer Forensic cases, and we powerfully recommend keeping all these documents for all types for legal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions
Solution: It dependents upon your database type and condition. Normally, we take the minimum time to perform database forensics.
Solution: Yes, we can reset or remove the password from your SQL database file easily.
Solution: Yes, we can easily recover your permanently deleted records from your SQL database.
Solution: Yes, Various Messenger Application stores data in different SQL Database file format.
Solution: Yes, we provide you with complete report that is accepted by court of law.
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email forensic services reviews

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email forensic services reviews

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email forensic services reviews

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