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All these video is mainly associated with the burglary of banks and convenience store, but it is also being much wider array of criminal activities. Using image as well as audio improvement CCTV footage becomes perfect illuminating details of suspect such as height or build, and in various cases confirmation of personal identity. Therefore, we provide you the complete service to find an evidence from CCTV any digital video, images of any file format, etc.

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multimedia forensic services

Multimedia Analysis

CCTV is Closed-circuit television that is used for the video transmitting from specific location. In the present arena, almost ion every city there are numerous of CCTV cameras. These cameras are mainly used to investigate the tourist who has been robbed of their possessions or high profile cases such as murder, bomb blast, etc. All images that are received from the CCTV are very crucial, as they can be included in the investigatory report. CCTV footage from several cameras can be combined as the inappropriate footage can be removed out making a collection of media definite to the case with precise time-scales. Entities from the footage of CCTV who have no significance to the case can be veiled thus, defending their identity. Still extraction of images and improvement is essential on occasions.

CCTV multiplexing is used that can help to create a powerful evidence that is well respected and used in a court of law. The sophisticated CCTV footage offers factual as well as evidential factual for defense and prosecution. The cameras that are made available in the market are like:

Box Camera

The box security cameras are dependable for securing professional environments that they are sharp at their work and the specialty about these cameras is that they can be used indoors as well as on the outdoors regardless of the weather.

IP Camera

The IP cameras are a type of the digital video recording camera, which is most commonly installed, for surveillance purpose and hence are rotatable. In addition, these are called IP cameras because they are capable of sending and receiving data via a computer system network as well as through internet unlike the analog CCTV’s.

Multimedia Forensics Challenges

risk while acquiring

Risk While Acquiring

This is the main challenge as most of the time while acquiring the data users removes its connectivity from the machine directly that leads to the data loss situation. Once the data is lost then, there is no way left behind to find an evidence.

file system

File System

Every CCTV camera of different brand support distinct file system. Therefore, the file system to store its data is also variant. For every brand of CCTV to find the evidence different file system are supported that the investigator properly need to understand.

Multimedia Forensics Process

  • Collection: We get the source of evidence from law enforcement or private investigator. The sources of investigation can Digital Video, Photo, or CCTV footage.
  • Analysis: The source of evidence that we get from law enforcement or any private investigator. We implement the process by our tool and give relevant output.


  • Report: Once the investigation is completed, we provide you with the complete report that describes how and what we get as a result from the evidence source. The report that we provide is acceptable by law enforcement and court of law.

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody is the Chronical Documentation for the indication in the specific case. It is significant with the data as there are probabilities of fake modification, creation, or deletion of data. In the Multimedia Forensics, you require the widespread chain of custody report in manner to show the physical custody of an evidence and spectacle all the parties, which are used to say it as proof at any specified time. Acquire Forensics gives chain of custody reports for all the Multimedia Forensic cases, and we recommend that keeping all these documents for any type of legal proceedings.

Acquire Forensics provides chain of custody reports for all the Computer Forensic cases, and we powerfully recommend keeping all these documents for all types for legal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions
Solution: Yes, we can easily get you an evidence from IP camera.
Solution: It depends upon your case. Normally, we do not take much time to get an evidence.
Solution: Yes, we easily find out an evidence from digital video.
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