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Restoring deleted data from Sqlite database file can give a turn to the investigation. However, the biggest challenge remains finding and examining the data that where spoliation might have done.


Sqlite database that is secure deleted can gives a hint of the database part that is intentionally removed by the accused to remove the evidences. Sqlite Forensics Explorer gives option not only to recover the deleted data but also highlights the data which is deleted or secure deleted.

Simplify Sqlite Database Evidence Carving

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color schema options available in sqlite db viewer

Sort Data with Color Schema

To differentiate the data type, the forensics sqlite viewer uses color scheme. Secured deleted data, normal data, deleted data, and the unallocated space in the database file can be categorized through various color scheme.

various custodian option with sqlite forensics reporter tool

Manage Multiple Custodians

Sqlite forensic tool includes the provision to add multiple databases within single case. This allows multiple custodians to manage and examine the added databases in single go, thereby making forensics convenient.

Recover Journal Files with sqlite forensics browser

Recover Associated Journal Files

SQLite engine backs up the original data of the user into a separate file i.e., Journal file. During investigation, the SQLite forensics Viewer enables the user to Recover, View and Extract the evidence from corrupted SQLite databases' associated journal file.

an option for sqlite database browser index

Index Sqlite Database

To View DB file of large file, the software includes facility to index the database. The Sqlite forensics explorer does not impose any file size limitation for carving out artifacts for further investigation or judicial proceeding.

 open & view blob data in sqlite db viewer

BLOB Data Type Support

The forensic Sqlite file viewer allows previewing tables, structure, byte code etc. together with other multimedia components like videos, images within the BLOB data for thorough analysis of the database.

hexa view in sqlite database file viewer

Hex View of Database

Hex view option enables the user to analyze emails in binary format. Sqlite file explorer check messages out here to detect any manipulations and With the help of alphabetical filtering option, user can examine the page properties.

Query Option

Execute Multiple Queries

The software has a Query feature to examine the Sqlite database via command. The SQL Editor tab helps the user to add multiple queries in single case and perform execution on it. After analysis, the sqlite forensics reporter tool provides option to save queries for further analysis.

various saving options available with sqlite db viewer tool

Multiple Options for Export

Explore Sqlite files data and when artifacts are collected from the Sqlite file, software offers distinct file formats as export option to save the data i.e. CSV & PDF. This can be further used for investigating or for report submission for legal proceedings.

different database views option to browse sqlite database file

View Deleted Records

The Sqlite forensics explorer software recovers deleted data from the Sqlite file. There is facility to view db file or secured deleted data efficiently which can help in recording the suspicious activities of the suspect.

Sqlite Forensics Explorer & Analysis Tool
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  • Sqlite database is saved in .db, .db3, .sqlite, or .sqlite3 file, depending upon the application in use. The sqlite forensics browser will examine the sqlite database structure and will give preview of data saved in it.
  • Sqlite database of any platform can be investigated. Web browsers, mobile phones, mail clients, website, instant messaging platforms and other devices where Sqlite is used can be checked with Sqlite forensic browser.
  • Analyze Sqlite database for different platforms such as Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, Blackberry, Linux etc. is supported by the tool. The Sqlite DB browser work upon the database file, no matter on which platform it is created.
  • For reporting the extracted evidences from the database, the forensic sqlite viewer gives the facility to export Sqlite data to pdf PDF file which is formally accepted standard for legal proceedings.
  • The hierarchal structuring of the Sqlite DB file makes sorting easy. The required table can be selected for preview within the interface of Sqlite DB viewer. This means it is a standalone utility to explore & examine Sqlite database files in simplified way.
  • SQLite database recovery is supported by the tool. User can inspect SQLite database values in hex values for forensic investigations. A user can run query withing the SQL editor of the SQL DB Viewer to extract desired data from corrupt DB file
System Specifications
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System Specifications

  • Windows OS : Window 8/7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003/2008 Server
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 1 GB is recommended
  • Disk Space : Around 55 MB free space for installation


Demo Edition of the Sqlite Forensic Explorer tool - Previews of all the recovered components. But to Export in PDF & CSV format, you need to Purchase full edition of the Sqlite Forensic Explorer.

Product Details
  • Version: 1.2
  • File Size: 2.1 MB

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Sqlite Forensics Reporter Tool Available For
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view firefox, chrmoe, safari, opera sqllite files
Web Browsers

Leading web browsers today use SQLite database to store their database locally. This includes the history, most visited websites, login details etc. Some popular names that use SQLite are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Forensic Sqlite Viewer Tool to view .sqlite database of smartphones
Smart Phones

The Smartphones are using SQLite database to store database of user information. Call logs, messages, images, chats are saved into SQLite database. Many Android, Windows, Blackberry phones uses SQLite to store data of WhatsApp, Skype, Viber like application in it.

explore sqlite database file of different email applications
Email Clients

For easy storage and retrieval of email data, various email clients use SQLite database. Incredimail, Outlook 2015, Mac Mail, Skype clients uses DB file for storing the mailbox data. Sqlite database explorer helps to view and to investigate them.

What Our Customers Says...
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A Platform-independent tool which helps in exploring the information stored in the database file of SQLite extension. Forensic explorer helps me to investigate any apprehensive data by recovery secured deleted data stored in SQLite file and . User can view sqlite database file information and preview of all meta data details associated within SQLite file.

Bill Blanc, California

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The SQLite Forensic Explore Tool help me to view SQLite database, select and save the result of the query in PDF and CSV format. Software supports BLOB format of for the analysis of Multimedia component in binary format which help me in created forensic report of the multimedia database file. Even software can add any file associated with the main database file. Thanks to Developer team creating Unique Tool to explore SQLite file details.

William Reynolds, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions
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In a single case, the SQLite forensics reporter allows adding multiple SQLite database files. Therefore, at a time, more than one SQLite database can be examined & added.

Yes, if the DB file is corrupt, the SQLite forensics explorer tool will recover deleted SQLite records from it. This is done in the scanning phase of the tool.

A user can view recover deleted sqlite database file data with Sqlite forensics explorer tool. The deleted data is highlighted with red color so as to distinguish it with the normal database.

No, User can view SQLite database in Windows platform. As SQLite forensics viewer tool is a Window based tool, it will not be supported in Ubuntu Operating systems.