Sqlite File Converter
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Features of Sqlite Database Conversion Tool

Features List
Sqlite File Formats

Export Sqlite File with Journal

Sqlite File Converter allows users to export complete data present in Sqlite file formats that are saved in .db, .db3, .Sqlite or .Sqlite3 file depending on type of applications in use. There is no loss of data during the process.

Select Folders

Selective Folder Export

When we select the Sqlite file to export, it gives the view of various folders present inside the file. The software allows you to select only those folders you need to export saving our time and effort.

Export Options

Export Active or Deleted Records

Before choosing the format of the file, Sqlite Database Conversion Tool allows you to select export options such as Active Records, Deleted Records, or the one you need in order to export only the required one.

Export into PDF

Export Sqlite File into PDF

Once the data items inside the Sqlite database are scanned choosing the file, Sqlite File Converter allows you to export the file and save the data in PDF file format that is easily opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Export into CSV

Export Sqlite Database into CSV

The tool provides one more file format as export option after scanning the Sqlite database file. You can save the data in CSV file format, which can be viewed easily in MS Excel.

Choose Destination Path

Convert & Save At Predefined Path

The Sqlite Database Conversion Tool will ask the location where you want to save the exported file. User can browse the destination path and save the file in desired location.

Sqlite File Converter

  • The Conversion Tool supports different Sqlite files from any platforms like Windows, Android, Blackberry, iOS etc.
  • The tool allows export of complete data of Sqlite file in two file formats, which is easily readable.
  • During export Sqlite file, the software gives option to select only those folders inside the file that you want to convert.
  • The tool allows conversion of all types of Sqlite files without any type of data loss from the original file.

Sqlite Database Conversion Tool
Flexible Application

Support File of Multiple Platform

Multiple Applications

Sqlite File Converter allows conversion of any type of Sqlite files generated from various applications. Sqlite Database files are found in various web browsers, mobile phones, Instant Messaging applications and other devices.

Export Sqlite File

Various Operating Systems

The tool supports all components of Sqlite files like call history, messages, or chats generated by Instant messaging applications present in various Operating Systems like Windows, Blackberry, Android, Mac etc.

Email Clients

Versatile Email Clients

The Sqlite Database Conversion Tool can export the Sqlite files used by many popular email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, MS Outlook 2015 etc. into either CSV or PDF output formats.

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