Repair Corrupted or Recover Delete Sqlite Database

Achieve Sqlite File Recovery in Few Steps

Features List
Repair Corrupt Sqlite

Complete Data Recovery

Sqlite database recovery software is capable to perform complete data recovery and focuses on recovery of all data components like tables, columns, triggers, views, etc. from severely corrupted Sqlite records.

Recover Deleted Sqlite Records

Preview Recovered Data

Tool is embedded with preview functionality, which helps to view the data recovered from Sqlite database. Data is displayed in an oriented manner and specific data can be viewed in Tabular or Hex view.

File Variants

Support Variants of Sqlite

Software is not only functional for various types of corruption levels but also supports varied variants of Sqlite database. This includes file formats like; .db, .Sqlite, .Sqlite3, etc. as per application to which it belongs.

Sqlite Database Recovery Software

Recover Journals Files

Software also supports recovery of data from corrupted Sqlite journal files. These associated Journal files can be added along with the Sqlite file and data from these temporary disk files can be recovered easily.

Recover BLOB Data

BLOB Data Recovery

Sqlite recovery tool is capable to repair corrupt Sqlite file and recover most of the data types. It also supports recovery of other multimedia components like large images, videos, within the BLOB data.

Recover Deleted Data

Recover Deleted Records

Software has advance algorithms recover deleted Sqlite records from Sqlite files. It also facilitates recovering deleted or secured deleted data letting users fetch back the accidentally deleted items.

Sqlite Database Recovery Application
Added Benefits

  • Sqlite database recovery software is integrated with foremost technology, which allows recovery of database items from severely corrupted Sqlite files as well. It works on Sqlite files with different types of corruption levels.
  • Hierarchy of data records is maintained in recovered Sqlite data also so that the data can be accessed without any confusion or changes done. Software does not manipulate the data while repair corrupt Sqlite file.
  • Tool does not impose any size limit on Sqlite database files and it supports large Sqlite files as well. It has been tested with large Sqlite databases and is capable to recover deleted Sqlite records without size restriction.
  • Software supports recovery of data from corrupted Sqlite files of different platforms or applications like; Web Browsers, Android OS, Windows OS, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. cache files.

Sqlite Recovery Tool Delivers An Independent Execution For
Varied Corruption Issues

Supports All Windows Versions

Windows Versions

Sqlite database recovery software is a Windows-based utility and it can be executed on any Windows version including Windows 8.1. This extended support makes this software a versatile application for all types of users.

Standalone Solution

Independent Device

It is an independent utility without needing any specific workstation for its execution and recover deleted Sqlite records other than this tool. Thus, users can utilize this software without any complications.

Repair Corrupt Sqlite

Corruption Concerns

Sqlite database can be corrupted due to unwanted journal deletion, inappropriate overwriting operations, synching issues, virus intrusion, etc. This application is capable to overcome all types of corruption issues.

How Can Users Overcome Various
Sqlite Corruption Challenges

sqlite forensics deleted data viewer tool


Users are entangled with Sqlite corruption issues and this makes their data completely inaccessible. Many users also need to recover deleted records from Sqlite file, which is not possible manually.


In order to access records from corrupted Sqlite database file or deleted records from these files, some external application and recovery mechanism has to be applied. Sqlite database recovery software is an outstanding technique to perform this recovery operation in order to view corrupted or deleted data records.

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