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Getting access to a copy of corrupt mailbox (MBOX) file can simplify the investigation largely. However, doing so is not possible with the mere usage of origin or application in support of MBOX files.


MBOX files with corruption can conceal many evidentiary emails and make the investigation complicated enough to be resolved. However, with Free MBOX Viewer, you cannot only view a corrupt mailbox file but also get the access of any MBOX file, i.e. mailbox file of any origin email application.

Simple & Standalone Platform to View MBOX Files

List of Features

Eudora MBOX Viewer

Open and Read MBOX File

You can open and read the message contents of MBOX file(s). Free MBOX viewer is capable of reading MBOX files belonging to any origin application. MBOX file of Thunderbird, Entourage, or Apple Mail are readable.

Thunderbird MBOX Viewer

Standalone Preview

MBOX file viewer is capable enough to display unlimited messages of an MBOX file without support required. Free MBOX Viewer is a standalone program that requires no external support to read or open mailbox format files.

Read Attachments

Preview Attachments

MBOX file emails are readable with complete header and body content. In addition, you can preview your email attachments too. MBOX file reader features a separate tab for the preview of corresponding email attachments.

Mode Option

Change View Mode

Graphical User Interface of Free MBOX Viewer is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. You can even change the mode of preview provided by the mbox explorer tool. The email preview can be displayed both horizontally and vertically.

Eudora MBOX Viewer

View Corrupt MBOX

Free MBOX viewer is built with advanced algorithms equipped to render the preview of corrupt MBOX files too. You can select, load and the software will scan the file as usual rendering a normal preview for its email messages.

MBOX File Reader

Open Multiple MBOX

Multiple MBOX files can be read on the software without surfacing any sort of inconvenience. MBOX file viewer is built to support the addition of multiple MBOX files. However, you will have to add each MBOX file individually.

System Specifications
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System Specifications

  • Windows OS : Windows 10 & All below windows-versions
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 1 GB is recommended
  • Disk Space : Around 55 MB free space for installation


Demo Edition of the MBOX Viewer tool - Previews of all the recovered components. But to Export in PDF & CSV format, you need to Purchase full edition of the Sqlite Forensic Explorer.

Product Details
  • Version: 2.0
  • File Size: 16.2 MB


MBOX Viewer Application
The Additional Perks

  • There are plenty of origins to which an MBOX file belongs, which includes; Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, The Bat, Apple Mail, Netscape, and many more. Free MBOX Viewer offers the added advantage of reading MBOX file of all different origins.
  • Browse all MBOX emails in proper formatting such as: From, Subject, To, Sent Date, Received Date, size of emails(in bytes). Explore your mbox folders such as: Inbox, outbox, Sent, Trash.
  • Explore MBOX emails in different views such as: Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, HTML View, RTF View and Attachments.
  • MBOX files are vulnerable to easy corruption as they are simple text based files with multiple messages combined into one file. The tool offers support for the recovery of a damaged MBOX file automatically during its scanning for a successful content preview.
  • MBOX file explorer allow you to find any email by typing any word or phrase in search bar and it will also show you the total count of all email within a folder (Mail).
  • MBOX file explorer is easy to use, just add mbox file – scan – view. MBOX browser will browse each email and its associated attachment of types like: documents, images, ppt etc.

MBOX File Viewer Utility
Versatile Availability

Thunderbird MBOX Viewer

All Windows Versions

MBOX file reader is a Windows based utility. You can run the software to view MBOX file messages on any Windows versions ranging from the latest Windows 8 series to any older version of the Operating System.

Support All MBOX Files
All MBOX Email Clients

BOX file viewer is built to support the MBOX files of any origin email platform. The files generated by outdated clients like Bat, Turnpike, to updated applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail are all supported.

Eudora MBOX Viewer
For Different Variants

The MBOX file generated by Thunderbird as well as the one created by Eudora is supported. Thunderbird generates an MBOX file whereas Eudora creates an MBX file, which can be renamed and viewed on the tool.

What Our Customers Says...
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I have multiple Email client for my office use as I have to deal with backend mailing work which needs many accounts to handle with. The MBOX viewer software helped me in an extremely useful way and thus helped me open & view my MBOX files.

John Twain, Brooklyn

I was very overwhelmed after using MBOX Viewer software as I was unable to view & open MBOX files in my system. Later I find this tool which saved my life. All thanks to the software development team for making this software and helping people like me.

Barry Clinton, Madrid

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can view the messages of multiple MBOX files at a time. Just add all MBOX files one by one and proceed.

Simply select and load the file, as any other MBOX file and the MBOX file reader will thoroughly scan it. Post recovery, you will be able to preview the emails stored in it.

MBOX file viewer features a separate preview tab for attachments. Using this tab, you can look at the corresponding email attachments of document type as well as, images, or text file.

Yes, you can preview MBOX files without their supporting / origin email clients. Free MBOX Viewer is a standalone and doesn't require external support for opening or reading MBOX files.

"I am not able to open xyz.mbox in Thunderbird before its was open in Entourage. My hunch is that my emails and settings originally came from Entourage maybe something has gone wrong during these transitions? Can i open MBOX file?"

Yes, sometimes when we import emails and settings from another emails client (Entourage) to current using emails client (Thunderbird) it happen MBOX file can't be view but don't worry our MBOX file explorer will open this MBOX file and you can view corrupted MBOX file.

"I am not able to read my MBOX file, i was deleted my account from email client and created new one. I am not able to view my inbox, outbox, sent, trash mails. I have a folder which contain 'user/mail' but i am not able to view that mails. Can i open MBOX file?"

Yes, if you have MBOX mail folder then you can read your mbox file and use into your new account by the help of our MBOX file reader.