Investigative Challenges During EML Examination
Overcoming Challenges

EML Viewer Software


The primary and most commonly encountered challenge during EML file examination is that these text based email storage files are readable on text editors in the absence of a supported platform. However, the availability of associated attachments is nowhere to be found which makes it hard to have a complete look into the file.


Using Free EML File reader enables the preview of email along with its header. In addition to that, it also offers a separate view of the corresponding attachments. These attachments could be of any given type; document file, text file, image based media, etc. Therefore, the application eliminates the challenge of completely viewing EML file contents.

Facilitating EML File Storage Examination


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Read Unlimited EMLs

The facility of reading EML files is served by the application. EML Viewer Software does not impose any limitation on the number of files to be viewed on the platform. One can view unlimited number of EML format files as per the requirement.

Independant Solution

Standalone Processing

Free EML File opener is a standalone email processor. The application doesn't require external support of EML origin platforms to access the files for examination. EML files of any/all origin platforms are supported in an orphan state.

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Switch Preview Mode

EML Viewer freeware has user friendly Graphical User Interface to serve a universal set of user base. Technical and non-technical users can easily view header of EML files and choose between Horizontal / Vertical View mode.

In-Depth View

Preview All Email Data

Complete email data is displayed for detailed preview of EML format files. Free EML explorer generates a display of all email contents including email header, message body, and associated attributes.

AutoDetect Emails

AutoDetect EML Files

The software is capable to AutoDetect any / all store folders of EML files located anywhere on the machine. EML file reader detects all possible paths on the machine and lists available EML files for analysis.

Mail Attachments

Attachment Preview

A Separate Tab is provided on the software for looking into email attachments. Attachment previewer in EML File opener offers a separate view of the attachment associated to the selected email.

Profits of Adopting EML File Viewer Application
Added Benefits

  • EML files are the single email storage files generated by a variety of desktop as well as web based email service providers. Download EML File Viewer that is supportive for reading EML files of any / all origin email clients.
  • Many text editors can read EML files however, the added advantage with using EML Viewer freeware is that email preview is provided separately along with the provision of attachment preview.
  • EML file reader permit you to seek out email by writing any word or phrase in search bar and it'll additionally show you the whole count of all EML mails among a folder.
  • EML files are not auto generated by most applications and can be created and stored by the user locally at a storage path of choice. EML file opener auto-detects and lists all EML files from the machine altogether for preview.
  • EML Viewer Software facilitates in offering a preview similar to that of an email client as compared to that of text editors. Text editors give a disarranged view of the EML file contents.
  • You can additionally export EMl file to PDF with the assistance of EML file browser and it'll maintain original on disk folder structure of EML file.

System Specifications
feature imageEML FILE VIEWERfeature image

System Specifications

  • Windows OS : Windows 10 & All below windows-versions
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended)
  • Disk Space : Around 15 MB free space for installation


Demo Edition of the EML File Viewer Tool - Previews EML File emails with attachments in windows-versions. To Save & Export in PDF Format file format, you need to Purchase full edition of the EML File Viewer.

Product Details
  • Version: 3.0
  • File Size: 12.3 MB


A Flexible Provision to Examine Single Email Storage
Flexible Capabilities

Email Clients

Local EML Files

A variety of application based email service providers offer storage of each email as a separate file of .eml format. EML file opener Software is capable of processing & reading this local platform generated single email storage.

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Webmail Emails

Besides local email applications, EML format emails are also generated by a varied web based email service providers namely; Hotmail, Google Apps, and Gmail. Free EML File opener is adept enough to read web generated EML file.

No Need of External Environment
Standalone View

Processing and reading EML files without the need of external support is possible with the help of EML Viewer tool. The application is a standalone and thus, does not require EML supporting applications to process the files.

What Our Customers Says...
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I used this software to open EML files and it worked really great. I was able to view all the contents of it such as emails, contacts, tasks, journals, etc. Another good thing about this tool is its user-friendly interface which made my task a lot easier.

Steve Young, Utah

The advance search option in this tool makes the work a lot easier as it helps you to search specific email. I found this feature so much useful in this software. You can view EML files and find specific emails using the search option. Thanks to the development team.

Gloria Allred, Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Download EML File Viewer and used for viewing EML format files in a standalone mode. Therefore, availability of Outlook Express or any other supporting application will not be a necessity to read EML files.

EML Viewer Software automatically loads EML files situated/stored at any / all locations on the respective computer and generates a folder tree structure to explore. Select a folder and preview any EML file available in it.

Free EML File Viewer is capable of processing and loading unlimited number of EML files, all at the same time. There is no limitation imposed by the EML reader tool on the number of files to be processed.

Yes, the software is capable of displaying emails as well as their corresponding attachments, if any, in a separate viewer tab.