Challenges Faced
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There may be many challenges faced by the Exchange users. But, the foremost challenge will be the viewing of the EDB files without the support of Exchange Server. Once if the server is configured with Outlook, users can view the mails from the system itself; no matter the network connectivity is there or not. However, when it comes to the situation where Outlook is not configured and there is no Exchange environment, users feel difficulty to view the file contents.


Users can overcome when such situation arise by using the simple EDB Viewer software. Download Exchange EDB Viewer, it is free and helps those who need to view only the content of the EDB files. It also attains the view of corrupted files by recovering it with the support of scanning algorithms implemented in it. Anyone can view the Exchange mails without Exchange environment.

Robust Program to View EDB Files

List of Features

Scan EDB Emails

Scans & Previews EDB Files

Free EDB Viewer is simple and efficient tool for viewing the EDB file content without any support of the Exchange environment. You can view the emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journal etc. along with the attachments, if any.

View Corrupt File

Previews Corrupted EDB

Exchange EDB Viewer helps the user to view their damaged or corrupted EDB files no matter how hard they are affected. The tool removes all the infection caused by any of the reasons like; virus attack, power failure etc.

Free EDB File Viewer

Dual Scan Modes

Free EDB Viewer facilitates two scan modes; Quick & Advance, for the recovery of the damaged files. 'Quick' scan recovers files that are infected in a moderate way and for severe corruptions 'Advance' scan is recommended.

Scan Report

Live Status Report

When the user scans an EDB file, you will get the report of the processing with file name, the size of the file and apart from that, also lists the created date of that file. You can even see the percentage of the processing.

Download Exchange EDB Viewer

Analysis via Multiple Views

During investigation, multiple view modes such as Normal Mail View, Properties View, Hex View, RTF View, MIME View, HTML View and many more helps experts to perform in-depth scrutiny of EDB files with their associated attachments.

Preview Folders

Read Private/Public Folders

Free EDB Viewer also provides option to preview the data of Priv1.edb, Pub1.edb & STM file. Software is embedded with tremendous features and compatible with all versions of Exchange Server & Windows OS.

Exchange EDB Viewer
What Makes The Tool Different?

  • Free EDB File Viewer is complete standalone software; do not require the support of Exchange Server to view the EDB files. It just requires an EDB file.
  • No File size limitation on EDB File. Software supports EDB files of even terabyte size. Free EDB Viewer offer to Previews Priv.edb, Pub.edb and MailboxDatabase.edb data with appropriate attributes.
  • Browse all EDB folders(Mails, Calender, Contact, Tasks, Notes and Journal) in proper formatting such as: From, Subject, To, Sent Date, Received Date, size of emails(in bytes), Location, Categories etc.
  • EDB file explorer is easy to use, just add edb file – scan – view. EDB file explorer show all folders which contain in EDB file such as: Mail, Calender, Contact, Tasks, Notes and Journal.
  • During the recovery of the corrupted files, contents of the files are preserved; changes are not made to the Meta data. Recovers all the infections.
  • If you have an orphaned EDB file, Free EDB Viewer will help to view file contents without much effort. User friendly interface that helps user to operate software easily.
  • EDB file explorer allow you to find any data by typing any word or phrase in search bar and it will also show you the total count of all data within a folder (Mail, Contact, Calender etc).
  • EDB file browser will browse each email and its associated attachment of types like: documents, images, ppt etc. Change view mode in horizontally and vertically.

System Specifications
feature imageEDB File Viewerfeature image

System Specifications

  • Windows OS : Windows 11, 10 & All below windows-versions
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 4 GB of RAM
  • Disk Space : Around 100 MB free space for installation


Demo Edition of the EDB File Viewer Tool - In Demo version, user can preview & read EDB files with attachments. For Advance search in file and export EDB file in PST, EML, MSG & HTML format, you need to Purchase edition of EDB File Viewer.

Product Details
  • Version: 5.0
  • File Size: 16.0 MB

Free Download

Free EDB File Viewer
Proficient Feature

Independant Software

Independent of Exchange

Free EDB Viewer is designed to be a standalone hence support of Live Exchange environment is not essential. It makes the work simple by enabling an EDB file to get loaded.

Download Exchange EDB Viewer
Freeware Tool

The software is made available for free to the users who want to just view the contents of the Exchange mailboxes. All the items emails, journal, calendars, notes etc. can be viewed.

Support All Windows
Windows Based

Being a Windows based tool, Free EDB File Viewer makes favourable to all the version users. It is supportive in Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

What Our Customers Says...
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This EDB Viewer became an essential part of my daily routine as I am an Exchange Server Administrator and this tool came very handy whenever I wanted to read EDB files. Really glad that I have such a fantastic tool with me.

Daniel Blanc, France

Exchange EDB Viewer software is an excellent tool to scan and preview corrupt EDB file mailboxes. My files were highly corrupted and then I got this tool. Another nice feature is that you do not require Exchange environment to open and view EDB files. All thanks to the software development team.

Mike Reynolds, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Free EDB Viewer is independent of Exchange Server environment hence; users can view the mails without the aid of Server.

You can load only one EDB file at a time but, user can scan and preview as large files within seconds.

Just download Exchange EDB viewer and view terabyte size files without much effort.

With the EDB file reader tool, users can view the inaccessible file i.e. corrupted or damaged files. The 'Advance' scan mode is enabled to recover the files that are severely affected.

"I am not able to read my EDB file, i was deleted my account from Microsoft Exchange Server and created new one in same. I am not able to browse EDB file. I have a folder which contain 'admin/abc.edb' but i am not able to open that EDB file. Can i read EDB file?"

Yes, if you have EDB file then you can read your EDB file and browse into your new account by the help of our EDB file browser.

"I am not able to read xyz.edb file in Windows before its was open in Mac OS. My hunch is that my EDB file originally came from Mac OS maybe something has gone wrong during these transitions? Can i read EDB file?"

Yes, sometimes when we transfer EDB file from Mac OS to Windows it happen EDB file can't be view but don't worry our EDB file reader will open this EDB file and you can read corrupted EDB file.