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The biggest challenge faced by the investigator during the Forensic Investigation to examine file formats of different desktop, web-based platform. Searching the evidence from an image file, analyzing the evidence as well as reporting. Since every email client has different file format so it is difficult to manage various platforms file using single Email forensics tool.


To overcome the various challenges faced while performing the investigation is the MailXaminer. The application is programmed with various advanced features that makes easy to find out an evidence. The Email Investigation Tool is completely a standalone utility that supports all desktop, Web–based email clients, Image file, Messenger File, Servers, etc.

Simplify Email Forensic Investigation

Management of Cases

Email investigation tool provides an advanced case management facility such as making case repository, scan status, log files, analyze and recover email, interactive dashboards, and bookmarking options that makes easy to perform the investigation in an efficient manner.

different emails client support by forensic email header analysis

Support Email Clients

Wide range of email database is now examined as a part of increasing artifacts support. All the Desktop and Web-based storage analysis scope is prolonged with addition of eM Client, Zoho, hMailServer, Kerio Connect, KMail, Maildir, Zimbra, Dovecot, Zimbra, MDaemon Server etc.

search option of forensic email analysis tools

Search Suspected Keywords

Email Analyzer Tool provides a facility to make own Custom Search Filters based on the suspected keyword. Some of the refined search facility comprises Regular Expression, Wild-Search Fuzzy, and other logical search operators to provide a precise result.

timeline analysis of email analyzer tool

Offers Timeline Analysis

The utility is equipped with the feature of Time Line analysis to give better visualization of evidence. It permits viewing the statistics of emails, chats, calls, calendar, documents, etc. that are searched through graphical representation for a decade.

link analysis option of email analyzer tool

Provides Link Analysis Search

Email examiner software gives an option of Link analysis that helps to identify the relationship between the users within the searched outcomes, IP, and domains. It gives a major support to the investigators in accepting the established links of the users with the sender of mail.

team collaboration in email forensics tool

Team Collaboration Feature

Email Investigation Tool comes up with an advance feature of Team Collaboration facility. It allows multiple investigators to work over the same case concurrently. It helps to increase the processing time for investigation procedure as various tools can be utilized for the investigation purpose.

Email Forensic Analysis Available For

email examiner software support 20 plus email clients

Email Clients

A wide range of desktop-based email clients that includes Outlook PST, Exchange Offline Storage OST, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, IncrediMail IMM, MBOX, EDB, EML, EMLX & more supported via Email examiner software.

forensic analysis of web-mail clients

Web Clients

Email Forensic Tool is designed by keeping all investigator’s requirement in mind. It supports all Web-based email applications such as Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Office 365, Zoho Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live Exchange, Rackspace, etc.

email forensics tool supports image format

Image Clients

Email Analysis Tool designed in such a way that it supports all the image supported file format such as DD, DMG, E01, LEF, etc. It makes easy for users to find the evidence from the image content in a precise manner.

Added Benefits of Email Investigation Tool

  • SHA1 algorithm option of the utility permits you to examine and investigate the artifacts within the heap of database. Under the scan settings tab, simply checked SHA1 option to preview and filter out all the emails by using SHA1 value.
  • After accomplishing investigation on emails, experts can also inspect calendar data of suspect with an integrated calendar analysis of tool. Under the Scan Settings tab, an option of Calendar should be checked.
  • The Skin Tone Image Analysis feature permits you to search the image attachments that have pornographic or obscene content. All attachments of image can be categorized under LOW, HIGH and MODERATE sections on basis of image sensitivity.
  • Easily find out and geologically locate an image attachments present within the emails by transferring them to KML format. The exported KML file can be utilized in Google Earth to acquire the precise location of image attachment.

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System & Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirement

  • Windows OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 1 GHz processor (x86, x64)
  • RAM: 4 GB is recommended
  • Disk Space: Around 250 MB free space for installation
  • Additional Software:Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


  • Days: Limited Access Of 30 Days only
  • Case Limit: Single Case Creation Permitted
  • File Type: Add Only 2 Files Of Each Type per Case
  • Export Items: Only 10 Files Per Case & 50 Items Export Permitted
  • Attacments: Analyze only 5 suspected attachments per category

Frequently Asked Questions

To examine all details related to headers of emails, Select the specific mail and use “Preview” option within email header examiner. The tool enables user to view all details of emails file with different modes such as “Message Header, Properties, Hex” etc.

To know about any kind of relationship between the different user via search operations and to view any email conversation between them, just open “link analysis” option after search result. Select emails address, tool displays any a visual graph to represent any kind of chat, call, and email conversation between them.

Yes, Email Forensic tool specially designed to recover a data from the supported corrupted file of the different email clients.

Now multiple experts work on a Single case using the Team Collaboration feature of Email investigation tool .

To use the Demo version of forensic examiner tool, you need to provide your details and our support team will send the demo version.

Email Examiner supports 20+ Email File format and examines data from more than 80+ clients. It also supports Various Desktop and Web-Based clients.

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Acquire Forensics helps us a lot in resolving the complex investigation case. The response to our request was completely professional, swift, and discrete. They provided us with complete solution. Thank you very much.

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email investigation software services reviews

Overall, it is the fantastic service to carve out an evidence from emails. Acquire Forensics provides fast and efficient solution to deal with the customer’s needs. God job guys.

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forensic email header analysis services reviews

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