Acquire Forensics – About Us

Core Evidence Carving With Focused Objectives

Acquire Forensics is keen sighted in facilitating businesses, government sectors, & law enforcements a safe way to overcome from the consequences of cyber-criminal activities. The value for every bit of evidence is deeply understood and supported with great measures. Therefore, the team of Acquire Forensics primarily focuses on data safety throughout every investigation process that it undertakes.

What Set Us Apart is What Set Us In!

We are established market leaders in the field of data forensics and digital investigation. Acquire Forensics has served a wide range of result oriented digital analysis techniques and solutions. A number of our experts have been acknowledged by one of the notable law enforcement agency as authorized Expert Witnesses whose opinion will be considered admissible in the court of law during eDiscovery litigations. Being experts at handling a variety of data types and its variants, makes Acquire Forensics the right authority to handover your essential data to.

Acquire Forensics has ever since been stimulating progress in the division of digital forensics by promoting and serving, innovative eDiscovery products and solutions.

Protection and Precision

We ensure working in compliance with forensically right methodologies to make sure evidence spoliation doesn't take place. This helps us bring out the most rightful findings as a result of which rightful investigation is achieved.

Our Prestigious Clients