Digital Forensic Investigation Services

Acquire Forensics provides services & guidance for proficient methods of acquiring, preserving and forensic analysis of artifacts to present a comprehensive report.

Computer Forensics

Data collection from multiple platforms (workstations, laptops, PCs), their safe preservation for accurate analysis is done by forensics experts, accompanied by years of experience.

Technology Forensics

As technology infiltrates, the crimes & corruption of info for illicit gain enlarge as well. Learn the investigation techniques that aid in offence anticipations, involvement & response.

Evidence Analysis

Evidence collection & preservation is followed by its thorough investigation. Expert services to excavate digital evidences from varied arenas including emails, backup, cloud database, etc.

Data Forensics

Data files in damaged form or deletion can be worked upon with adopted techniques and software applications. Recovery from local storage or from cloud databases is possible.

Mobile Forensics

Analysis of Google Android phones, Apple iPhone, Nokia's Symbian and Windows phone, Blackberry phone devices are examined for forensically sound evidence extraction.

Expert Witness

Cases are won with right initiation and relevant evidences. Expert witness for assistance in civil and criminal cases assure that a correct start and end to the case is given.

  • Computer Forensics

  • Technology Forensics

  • Evidence Analysis

  • Data Forensics

  • Mobile Forensics

  • Expert Witness

Aiding Major Industry Sectors

Forensic Technology Services


The expert witness members of Acquire Forensics work in collaboration with government bodies to find out electronic evidences on various civil and crime cases. The team is dedicated to resolving case at different eDiscovery levels.

Forensic Services


Database analysis while audits, compliance tests within organization, fraudulent cases with the enterprise etc. are the cases that is handled by our team of experts in the arena. Working out on company' policies, understanding of law and forensics makes the services advanced.



Attorneys, paralegals, court council's co-ordinate with our professionals to work upon judicial cases that involves digital analysis for evidence collection. Investigation procedure on seized database is done by the forensics team till analysis and reporting stage.

digital forensics services

Private Investigators

We offer our specialized services to the private investigators through solutions in data and password recovery, services to sort out complicated cases, lab set up and consultancy, forensics assistance etc. after thorough authentication.