Digital Forensics Perfectionists

Refining the Art of Carving Artifacts





The Four Trending Mainstays of Digital Forensic Sciences

We deliver optimum services for the thorough parsing and extraction of digital evidence from a wide range of devices and platforms.

Data Forensics
Locally examining data of global standards

Email Forensics
Uncovering electronic messaging systems

Android Forensics
Digging into the Root, to get to the Root

OS Forensics
Excavating variety and variants of Operating System

Classification of Digital Forensics Procedure & Services

Customers Who are Impressed !

I work for a private investigation department and we come across varied types of cases. I must say, in the process of collecting the relevant evidences, we collaborate with the services and products found here and they are best in their function. The authenticity of the facilities and quality of applications that are offered is the reason why we have been connected to Acquire Forensics till date. We see tremendous potential in the quality served for digital forensics. – Ayden, Mexico

We have been associated to the services through the expert witness for a criminal case resolution. The kind of precision that we get in output has put our reliance upon them. The recovery and database analysis procedures are worth giving a token of appreciation. – Jordan, Romania

Email database forensics is one of the most challenging part that we do. File recovery and data restoration products that are being shared on this platform gives us a huge help. Our forensics toolkit has most of the top rated solution available here and I have to say the consultancy services is the best part that could have happened to us. – Byron, Sweden

Investigating mobile phones is hectic and the ever rising change in the technology has complicated it to a large extent. A huge thanks to the dedicated services that we receive from Acquire Forensics. It's the professional behavior and excellence promise of the experts that has made investigation process simplified for us. – Esteban, South Sudan